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Reg Moodley

Marketing Director

Reg has spent the past 25 years building a thriving career in the finance and banking industry, after serving in leadership roles in HR management for over 18 years. For most of these years, Reg worked as a Financial Advisor at INFUSION360, of which he is a Founding Partner. Reg is currently INFUSION360’s Marketing Director, where he is developing a unique market-leading brand directed at medical industry professionals.

At the heart of Reg’s career passion is helping clients make the best of their lives. Reg is passionate about service excellence and will go to great lengths to ensure that all the INFUSION360 team is given every opportunity to succeed through appropriate training so that clients are beneficiaries of excellent service and able to realise their full potential.

Reg is a keen sporting enthusiast, active in humanitarian efforts and his church. He is a keen runner, having completed several marathons and ultra-marathons over the years. He has also initiated a self-sustaining Independent School for underprivileged children from refugee backgrounds that has reached maturity with 110 students. Above all else, Reg is a doting grandfather to 6 beautiful grand-children and enjoys spending quality time with them whenever he can.

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